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1996 Prelude









FroKnowsPhoto Weekend Theme May 12-13 “Games”

This weekends theme was games. To my surprise, not many people were using video games, so I took the opportunity.

And a gif I made:

Finally Upgraded My Lens!

Testing out my new Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG Macro

Added a few more from today:


Handheld, Full-zoom:

FroKnowsPhoto Weekend Theme April 28th and 29th – Low Angles

I can only submit 5 of these, but I thought I’d post all the ones I liked from today’s shoot.

Joker’s Recruiting! Batman to the rescue!

'Looks like recruiting season.'

'I should keep an eye on this.'

'We're all after ONE thing. The Bat.'

'I can't promise to keep all of you safe.'

'That Bat is clever. He's everywhere.'

'But with dedication, I think we can take him down this time.'

'This ends NOW Joker!' "RUN!"

'Uh. Wait. No. You can't!'

'Yes, Joker, I can."


'Back to Arkham, Joker."

Catch Up.

Here is a quick catch up on my recent photography.













FroKnowsPhoto Weekend Theme March 24th and 25th – Relax

I originally planned to skip this theme as I never go anywhere and I figured everyone would be shooting their pets, so I didn’t want to use my dog, Felix.

But, today when I walked out of the house, these two ducks were literally resting in the middle of the road.  So, I went to say hello and they let me follow them around until I got tired of shooting. 🙂

‘The Simplest Form of Love”

Latest Fro Post (Weekend of March 10th and 11th and March 17th and 18th – Road Trip)

Well, it’s been a while.  Honestly, I was a bit crushed when I didn’t even receive honorable mention on the music theme a while back.  I was never going to submit again.
But then, I realized that’s ridiculous.  I’ll continue shooting for ME.  And if what I shoot and the dates match up, well, then maybe I’ll put them up for shits and giggles.
Anywho, this week’s theme was ‘road trip’.  So, this is what I put forth.

The opposite of a road trip. Fly by plane.
Click here for full resolution image

My car. Ka-Chow
Click here for full resolution image

Another of my car. Night Calm
Click here for full resolution image

I didn’t listen. More Than One Way
Click here for full resolution image

Sometimes you gotta get down on the ground. STOP
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Photography submission: Which 4 do you like?

Numbered in order.

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FroKnowsPhoto.com Weekend Theme Nov 19-20: Toys

So, this weekends theme was Toys.  Since I was in Milwaukee, my brother, Danny, was generous enough to lend me his 35mm 1.8 lens, so I took a few of these shots before giving my Mario toys to Connor. >_<  Here’s the result:

And this shot I took of my brother and his son.  I used the “selective color” feature on my camera.  I just liked the moment.